Bicycle removal and recycling

Are you tired of abandoned bicycles lying around your courtyard? We here at iRecyle offer a removal service of abandoned bicycles. Here at iRecycle we feel that too many bicycles are being thrown away instead of being recycled. Our environmentally conscious approach is based on us doing the job for you. At iRecyle we offer the whole package. There is no need for you to carry, rent a trailer or pay for any unnecessary removal costs. In that also avoiding any legal disputes that may occur. iRecycle gets the job done.

iRecycle offers:

- Labelling of the bikes

- Removal of bikes

- Storage

- Legal advise

- (return of bikes)

We are ready to offer you assistance within 24 hours in most cases, but we always recommend you to contact us in advance. Get in contact with us today and we will be at your service. Tomorrow or even in year from now. makes no difference. Who are we? Irecycle was founded in 2012. First as an individual company trying to come to terms with the cities growing problem of abandoned bicycles. As we have grown we decided to make the company incorporated to give the opportunity for everyone to participate in our quest. Our aim is to create more space for bicycle users out there by removing left over bikes.

In agreement with Stockholm City Council and in within the confides of the law we actively work to make this process as easy and smooth as possible. Prior to removal we will inform the residents and after removal we keep the bicycles in storage for a few months just in case there has been any misunderstanding. In the matter of a bike has been removed by mistake we will correct the error and the customer is able to reclaim it by contacting us. Pick it up at: Döbelnsgatan 52, near Odenplan. For a charge of 350 SEK.

After keeping removed bicycles in storage we will then move the bicycles over to our store where we restore them back to top condition. Simply just selling them again as they are defeats the whole purpose of our organisation. Therefore we feel it is important to provide our customers with bicycles in a fully functional condition

At iRecycle we care about the people in need. We have implemented a program of helping those less fortunate in society by providing them with work proper education. An opportunity for them to re-establish themselves in society once more. We teach them all from the craftmanship to daily tasks and routines and the importance of work. This is a fundamental pillar of iRecycles' policies.