Our bikes

Mechanical top condition

Full warranty and happy customers

We always want you as the customer to be happy with iRecycle. We do our bikes the best we can before putting them for sale, so you can enjoy a trouble free ownership. We fix about 1000 bikes per year and sometimes we miss something. That's why we offer a full warranty - should anything unexpected happen. 

iRecycle fixes so many bikes a year that we buy spare parts from the manufacturer. The quantities are high and the price per item low. If we need to change any part of the bike we don't hesitate. 

iRecycle offers:

Full garanti  

  • Mechanical top condition
  • Reciept
  • Full warranty

Test extensively

Many bikes + test track

Usually we got 100's of bikes in our store (1000's at our storage too). So most of the times we got something for everyone. Test the bikes as much as you want to on our test track. Learn which bike suits you the best via our bicycle guide



“Amazingly helpful and nice treatment! They fixed a top of the line bike to me at a good price. I'll definately be back again when our family needs another bike!

Google review by Åse